The new collection of Segers-Jonkers can be characterised as a combination of timeless classics and modern essentials. All inspired by the jewellery Segers-Jonkers is well known for since the year of 1900. This new collection is an honour to its legacy.


Segers-Jonkers ensures a high level of quality. The same high quality standards Segers-Jonkers has always obtained. When it comes to jewellery, it is important to buy pieces that are made to last. An investment for life to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Our Gold

14 karats gold containing 58,5% pure gold. The other added materials for strengthening the gold are silver, copper and palladium, according to its need for colour. Creating a perfect balance between durability and purity. Guaranteeing beautiful jewellery that will last a lifetime.

Diamonds Quality

We believe that natural diamonds are the most extraordinary stones on earth. Formed by nature over 3 billion years ago at a depth of more than 150 km below the surface where intense heat and pressure causes carbon atoms to crystallise, forming diamonds. Segers-Jonkers only uses natural conflict-free diamonds with a colour and clarity standard of; Si for clarity and H for colour. This quality standard ensures diamonds almost without colour or clarity imperfections, visible to the naked eye, at the best price point possible.


Bob has been trained by the best tutors at his school in Antwerp. During the 14 years in jewellery retail he came across the world’s finest craftsmen and women. Thanks to his expertise, he was able to select world’s best artisans for the new Segers- Jonkers collection so it can live up to the quality standard it was once renowned for.


How to size your ring finger

  • Cut out a strip of paper
  • Wrap the paper around your finger making sure it fits properly, not too tight, not too loose.
  • Mark the spot where it meets
  • Measure the distance with a ruler in mm, that’s your finger’s circumference
  • Let us know the circumference and we will have the right size.

(Please note: finger sizes change during the day. It is always best to size your finger in the evening at room temperature.)

How to size an existing ring

If you want to measure the diameter of an existing ring, please be sure to measure the inner diameter (in mm)of the ring. Provide us with the right measurements so we can size your ring accordingly.

(Please note: if the ring you are measuring isn’t round anymore, this could affect the measurements.)


Segers-Jonkers was founded by Adrianus Segers in the year 1900. On march the 10th he opened the door to his very first store in the historical city of Breda. Soon after the opening his wife joined, what would later become, the family company. The name Segers-Jonkers became well known in Breda and surrounding areas for its beautiful jewellery collection. Their daughters and son also joined the company and in the year 1940, son Sjef Segers was ready to take over the company and make it thrive in the years to come. Segers-Jonkers expanded the business into a company with 4 stores selling jewellery in various segments including fine bone china, silverware and fine crystal. Unfortunately Sjef died at a young age (58), but could count on a following generation to continue the Segers-Jonkers legacy. Sadly enough the last Segers-Jonkers store closed its doors in 2002.

About Bob Segers

Bob Segers is the great grandchild of founder Adrianus Segers. Bob began his jewellers career at the school for jewellery crafts in Antwerp where he learned the art of goldsmithing, jewellery design, gemmology and art history. At the age of 22 he started working for the oldest operating jewellery company in the Netherlands. In the following years he had the opportunity to sharpen his craftmanship and gain experience at several high-end jewellery companies in the business. During those years he always had the urge to revive the company his great grandfather once started.


Segers-Jonkers started in the year 1900 and became well known for it’s high quality jewellery and great service. Unfortunately the company stoped existing. Now,119 years later the great grandchild of the founder wants to revive the company in a new way. With your help we can continue the legacy of this company.

High quality jewellery

Just for the right price.